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5 Ways To Boost Revenues At Your Golf Or Sports Club PT3

Welcome back to our final Blog Post about the 5 Ways To Boost Revenues At Your Golf Or Sports Club PT3..


In post 1 & 2 we covered potential revenue sources from Sports Coach Systems Indoor Golf Simulators, Sports Simulators and WELLBEATS - Virtual Presentation - Live Experience. If you missed those posts please go to the bottom of the page and look for "Previous" and click.


In this final post we are introducing a product that is not a "fee charge" type program but a great investment for the club to attract families to join and let their children (adults 2) go AQUA CLIMBING. It's another great and FUN product to help drive new membership sales, retain members and help "differentiate" your club from the competition. Also in this post  we're introducing a product and program that allows you to have a fitness gym in a little as 25 square meters.


So we are pleased to introduce you to....


Aquatic Climbing:

Healthy Exercise for Body and Mind


With child obesity rates skyrocketing, people are looking for more creative ways to coax kids away from the X-Box and into physical activity. Team sports are one way to give kids regular exercise, but not all kids thrive in competitive situations, and those that are less athletic than others can be inhibited from joining for fear of making a mistake and incurring the wrath of their teammates. That's where individual sports come in. Running, biking, swimming and climbing are all things kids can do for healthy exercise, and the only person they're competing with is themselves.


Developing Physical and Mental Skills..

Aquatic climbing is a terrific option because it's an intense physical activity that develops coordination, strength, and flexibility. Plus, aquatic climbing is safe when compared with contact sports and traditional climbing walls, so it's a good way to avoid injuries. The perfect way to introduce kids to aquatic climbing, AquaClimb creates an extremely safe poolside adventure where kids (and adults) have fun and get fit. Climbers swim up to the AquaClimb and the climb starts slightly below the pool surface. They climb as far as they can without using ropes or belays, and when they let go, they make a harmless splash, adding to their fun.


The mental benefits of aquatic climbing are just as important as the physical ones. In today's world of increasing distractions for youth, mental focus skills are much needed for success now and in adulthood. Because aquatic climbing requires strategies and focus, children who have difficulty concentrating can often develop mental focus by doing it. It's rather like a puzzle kids need to unlock, and sometimes they must look at the wall again. and start over. This helps kids learn to focus, concentrate and persevere, essential skills for getting to the top (of the wall and in life).


A Natural Way for Kids to Push Themselves..

The best part of aquatic climbing is that kids tend to be natural climbers. They have a high strength-to-weight ratio -- which means they have less body weight to haul up the wall than adults do -- and their bodies are more flexible. They're also not fearful (but if they are, that's normal, too), and they are less likely to see their body as having "limits" on what it can do.


Because aquatic climbing requires a combination of creative thinking and physical output, less athletic kids often do quite well, surprising even themselves. They also learn problem solving. Along the way, they gain confidence, competence, strength and body awareness. Aquatic training is an intensely personal achievement for kids -- something they can carry with them to other areas of their life.


*The above info is material directly from AquaClimb news.






AquaClimb is a quick growing brand amongst the giants of the aquatic industry. They have a big mission--to bring innovative and original recreation and fitness solutions to pools worldwide. With hundreds of AquaClimbs installed and over a decade of experience AquaClimb can safely say that they are the market leader in poolside climbing wall products.



With AquaClimb Classic product range, you can choose among five designs, four different height options, and as much width as you want. The result? A customized design that works perfectly for your facility.






If You Want a Fitness Gym and Have 25 Square Meters of Space, We've Got The Solution!


Yes in approximately 25 square meters of space you can have a Strength & Cardio Gym because that's what 




SCIFIT exclusive Fit-Quik program combines the sports science of interval training, cross training, strength training and cardiovascular training for a results-producing workout. Fit-Quik takes the user through two stages, cardiovascular and strength. The time and intensity of these two stages can be customized by the facility to create a custom circuit. Fit-Quik can be performed on a single product, or a combination of SCIFIT products as a circuit. This easy to use circuit provides smooth traffic flow and great variety. The movements are simple – pedal, walk, push, pull – and the user controls intensity levels, so anyone can get a great workout with Fit-Quik.


Here you can find out more about Fit Quik program and all the other benefits of SCIFIT.





Whether your club decides to charge for the use of the gym or not SCIFIT Fit-Quik Pods will add value to you club by helping drive new member sales, as well as being a very good member retention tool. In addition, SCIFIT is ideal for Personal Trainers allowing them to offer Group Training sessions using Fit-Quik Pods.



Who trains with SCIFIT? Just to name a few but they include Tiger Woods, Ernie Els, Harrison Ford, Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte, former SF Giants (my fav team) player Barry Bonds, professional sports teams, plus numerous universities and sports performance centers.



Of course if you would like a larger gym we have some truly great products to offer such as: Woodway Curve, BILT by Agassi & Reyes, Biodensity, Jacobs Ladder, Abs Company, reACT, MU-JO, Helix Trainer, Canali Systems and Digi-lock for locker security and Celare Lockers. We got you covered!



We hope that you enjoyed the 3 Posts outlining some ideas to increase revenues for your club. If you have any questions please contact us. Helping clubs differentiating themselves from the competition is what we do. Please contact us if you want to start differentiating your club today.



Thank you.



Looking forward to hearing from you.


Live Stronger If You Dare!



Joe Lewis

Health-One Thailand

Club Solutions Asia

Club Performance Systems


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5 Ways To Boost Revenues At Your Golf Or Sports Club PT2

Welcome to Part 2: 5 Ways To Boost Revenues At Your Golf Or Sports Club...


Part 1 we presented Sports Coach Systems Indoor Golf and Sports Simulators as two ways to potentially boost revenues at your club via per session fees but it can also help drive new member sales and serve as a great membership retention tool.


Now let's look at another great product that we believe is also a powerful revenue source because of its relatively low investment cost, as well as, its ability to generate good income, which can result in a faster ROI due to the potentially high levels of participation by members.






WELLBEATS™ is the Industry Leader in Virtual Group Fitness Solutions.





No matter who you are or what your fitness level is, WELLBEATS™ has something for you.


Whether age 8 or 78, a training athlete or expecting mother, fitness enthusiast or just giving it another try…
WELLBEATS™ has a variety of classes that will fit your needs and lifestyle. We offer Original programming that we create
and update quarterly, as well as Partner and Select programs from industry-leading brands that complement our own.



Here are just a few examples of Group Fitness Classes offered by WELLBEATS..


Get down, get edgy and get your groove on as world rhythms drive these multi-dimensional dance-based classes. From Latin to urban, hip hop and more WELLBEATS™ Vibe classes take the party to the floor and you’ll forget you’re exercising!
• Burn calories and improve coordination while letting loose and dancing like a star.
• Develop self-expression and self-confidence.   
• Get a great workout without realizing it.
• Hot sounds and different dance styles with each release ensure members stay motivated.



TKO is non-stop movement to channel one’s inner fighter. Benefit from the power behind the punch and total-body training.  A fusion of martial arts disciplines, each class includes a combination of punches, kicks, strikes and techniques for a great knockout experience.
• Cardio fitness workout that increases heart and lung capacity.
• Full body workout that tones and shapes key muscle groups such as the core, shoulders and legs.   
• Calorie burning for a leaner body.
• Authentic martial arts workout improves coordination, agility and joint stability.
• “Shadow” fighting relives stress and builds self-confidence 




Also available....



Engaging Youth in Fitness.....






The famous 'Biggest Loser' Personal Trainer Jullian Michaels..





What Size Space Do You Need for WELLBEATS?

100 square meters will allow you to conduct classes for approximately 22-25 students.

75 square meters approximately 20 students per class.


WELLBEATS can easily be installed in a conference or banquet room. Fitness problems solved. Hello Happy Members.


What are the benefits of having WELLBEATS at you club?


Classes can be offered 24/7 either scheduled or classes on demand (private groups such as a private corporation or a morning Ladies program followed by healthy lunch).


Over 50 different types of classes available.


Don't have to worry about finding a qualified Trainer - WELLBEATS has got you covered


Don't have to worry about a replacement Trainer if your regular Trainer can't make it


Don't have to worry about what type of classes to offer - WELLBEATS has got you covered


Freelance Trainers can cost between $15-$25+ per class. That gets expensive if you offer 5 or more classes per day, like $75-$125 and the club has to charge higher fees just to try and break-even. It may well be the reason clubs don't offer group fitness programs in the first place. With WELLBEATS you can offer unlimited classes and it doesn't cost any more.


WELLBEATS is  "A Diamond in the Rough" for golf or sports clubs because it runs itself. ROI possible within one year.


There are over 1500 locations in the USA using WELLBEATS.


Some simple MATH to consider - Assume only $4 fee per class per person. Assume maximum 25 students for your space. Assume only 50% usage = 12. Assume only 5 classes per day = 60x$4 = $240/day. Assume only 300(low) days per year = $72,000 - we believe these numbers are conservative but even so it's possible to recover ROI within the first year plus PROFIT. Please note that these figures are our estimates only and may vary from country to country and from club to club.


SPECIAL NOTE:  WELLBEATS has great potential as a stand -alone business. It practically runs itself.


WELLBEATS also ideal for fitness clubs, corporations, schools, universities, hotels and resorts.


Coming soon Part 3 of 3 - Aqua Climbing and SCIFIT Fit Quik Pods for your club.


Thank you and if you have any questions about WELLBEATS, our companies, services or products please contact us


Live Stronger If You Dare!


Joe Lewis

Health-One Thailand

Club Solutions Asia

Club Performance Systems


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5 Ways To Boost Revenues At Your Golf or Sports Club - PT1

Part 1 of 3


Looking for some dynamic ways to increase revenues at your club?


What kind of revenues do you generate on a rainy day at the golf club? Probably pretty low at best is my guess. And clubs that deal with winter conditions have some real challenges to generate income. Some even close for the season but do they really have too? Is your club getting the whole family to the club on a regular basis?


"Entertain Them And They Will Come?"


Here are some ways to increase revenue at your club, drive new member sign-ups, retain members, increase more traffic to the club and stay open longer = $$$$$.


Let's Go Virtual!


Should Golf clubs offer more golf? Yes golfers can never get enough golf!


Welcome to Sports Coach Systems

For over 20 years Sports Coach Systems has manufactured the largest range of golf simulator products available on the market. Sports Coach use high speed camera technology to capture swing path, impact and ball flight and deliver incredibly realistic indoor golf experience for both practice and play. The range of simulators can be tailored to fit in almost any space from home installations to large commercial golf facilities.




Ultimate Golf Academy....



Sports-Coach Systems Rated #1 for Indoor Golf Simulators...

Sports-Coach Systems Rated #1 Most Accurate Golf Simulator...

Check it out on the golf's foremost golf simulator comparison website and you'll see why 


NEW GSX Software by Sports Coach


The family can learn to play the game having fun and not have to worry about the games rules & regs or golf etiquette. Just "Grip It & Rip It." Not to mention on rainy days or after sunset the golf pro can offer golf lessons.


40 GPS Golf Courses - GPS Simulator Program, Tournaments and Virtual Ranges
Abegweit Crossing, Amber, Amendoiera Faldo, Amendoiera O'Connor, Bro Blasta, Carrig Glas, Chinook Cascadia Country Club, Cougar Ridge, Devils Garden, El Cortante, English Oaks, Estonian Country, Fontainebleau, Foothill Lakes, Georgetown Inlet, Grief Point Meadows, Hadley Common, Hanauma Cliffs, Heretic, Heron Pointe, Hollow, Howatt Gardens, Klawhammer Crag, Kuala Views, Kungsangen, Linna, Lynx, Maori Heights, Manoir Richelieu, Oxie, Pine Springs, Preserve, Quinalt, Ranmore Downs, Renaissance, Richland, Russet Hills, Sharjah, Spruce Plains and Tempete.


120 GPS Premium Courses Package X

Aa St. Omer, Abu Dhabi, Agalarov, Atlanta, Ballybunion Old, Banff Springs, Barseback, Bayonne, Belfry Brabazon, Belfry PGA National, Bermuda Dunes, Betchworth Park, Birkbale, Byneset, Calcutta Lakes, Cape Kidnappers, Carnoustie, Castello di Tolcinasco, Castle Stuart, Celtic Manor 2010, Celtic Manor Monty, Champions Gate, Chateau de Preisch, Chateau Wishtler, Coeur d’Alene, Cog Hill Dubsdread, Cottrell Button, Cottrell Mackintosh, Crans-sur-Sierre, Doha, Doral Blue Monster, Doral Great White, Dornoch Championship, Draivin, Dubai Creek, Emirates, Fernandez, Finca Cortesin, Flers le Houlme, Fontana, Georges, Georgia, Gorki, Gut Kaden, Gut Larchenhof, Halmstad, Hong Kong, Huntingdale, Innisbrook Copperhead, Innisbrook Island, Java Flows, Kaakon, Kauri Cliffs, Kennemer, Kiawah, Kildare Ryder, Killarney Killeen, Kingsbarns, Kuala Lumpur, Lahinch Old, La Costa, Leopard Creek Liverpool, Lough Erne, Lythan, Medinah, Mission Olazabal, Monterey Bay, Monterey Beach, Monterey Hill, Muirfield V, Munchen Eichenried, Navarino Dunes, Old Head, Patagonia, Pearl Valley, Peuramaa, PGA National, Poppy Hills, Portrush, Port Aventura, Port Royal, Pravets, Prestwick, Quba, Real El Prat, Real Seville, Redstone, Royal Century, Royal Downe, Royal Edinburgh, Royal Fife, Royal Kings, Royal Morris, Royal Park, Royal Queens, Royal Riffa, Royal Swilken, Saadiyat Beach, Samba Falls, Sherwood, Sheshan, Stoke Park, Sunning Old, Tanah Merah, Tralee, Troon, Turnberry Ailsa, Valderama, Val do Lobo, Valhalla, Victoria, Vilamoura Old, Vilamoura Victoria, Walton Old, Waterville, Warwick Hills, Wentworth East, Wentworth West and Woold.



2013 Saint Omer Open venue; hosted the 14th annual European Tour events. Located in Northern France, beside the Aa river. This course has magnificent river valley views, from the many high vantage points. There is an abundant variety of plants, trees and wildlife along most of the fairways. With deep elevations, this is one of the tougher golf courses.



Sports Coach Systems Offer Golf Tournaments

If a club has two or more simulators they can play each other in a tournament. Or how's about being in a club in Bangkok and playing a team in UK? Yep all on Sports Coach! Challenges like Longest Drive, Nearest to the Pin and Putting.


Typical Fees That Can Be Charged for Simulator Usage...

GPS Course US$50 for One Hour

GPS Range US$10 for 20 Minutes

GPS Putting US$9 for 20 Minutes



Welcome to Sports Simulators...



Let's get the Kids playing and Mom's & Dad's too...



The perfect football simulator is just one of several interactive sports available on the Multi-Sports Simulator.


Sports Coach has created over 148 football stadiums from around the world to add both realism and give football fans the opportunity to immerse themselves in their own club's stadium on the football simulator. As well as being a fun to play, the football simulator also acts as a powerful training tool. There are six football simulator challenges, with others being developed.




Other Sports Available Include:

Rugby Union, Soccer Golf, Putting, American Football, Australian Football, Gaelic Football, Rugby League, Ice Hockey, Basketball. Coming Soon: Baseball, Cricket, Handball, Hurling, Lacrosse, Netball, Tennis, Volleyball.


Part 2 & 3 coming very soon -

Group Indoor Fitness Classes, Aqua Climbing and SCIFIT Fit Quik Pods for Your Club..


Thank you and if you have any questions about Sports-Coach Systems, Sports Simulators, our companies, services or products please contact me.



Looking forward to hearing from you.


Live Stronger If You Dare!


Joe Lewis

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Happy New Year 2014! Be It "Healthy & Wealthy"

Happy New Year 2014!


I'm being a bit lazy for this blog post because I'm just going to simply post some select fitness, health and nutrition information that I hope will be educational and informative especially to all our LinkedIn and VIP E-Fit Newsletter contacts throughout Asia and the Middle East.


Incorporate a few or more into your lifestyle and you'll be surprised just how healthy you'll be in 2014.





















































That's it for this blog post. Wishing everyone a "Healthy & Wealthy" 2014!


If you have any questions about our company, services or products please contact me.




Joe Lewis








Hotel, Medical, Fitness, Spa & Restaurant Software, You Won't Want to Live Without!




We are pleased and excited to have been appointed as one of the agents for Gumnut Systems International and represent their wide range of software programs for hotels, beauty salons, spas, fitness gyms, personal training, restaurants and retail. Please see below for more details regarding Gumnut Systems International. And check out the client list of Gumnut - they've got some pretty heavy hitters as clients. Plus the CEO of Gumnut Systems International Mr. Nedim Aydogdu of Turkish descent living in Australia and Philippines is a personal friend and is a no BS kinda guy when it comes to business. Nedim started in 1974 as a programmer, so one can say he's certainly got a lot of experience behind him when it comes to programming.


Recently we installed several of Gumnut's fitness software packages in Malaysia and we've got some happy software users as a result, which has made us firm believers in the product. What's really exciting is that Nedim has some great new programs coming out very soon that we will be sure to tell you all about. And of coincidence Nedim and I also share the same birthday being February 25th - so we're some really cool Pisces dudes.


Because we are so excited about the software programs and the fact that Nedim and me have the same birthday, we are offering a special price to our friends and contacts on CPS VIP Fitness Friends, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and readers of our blog posts. It's a SUPER Introductory offer for all software packages and undoubtedly one of the best deals in town or anywhere for that matter. If you would like more info kindly email me: Plus we would be delighted to arrange a free demo for you upon request.




The beauty of Gumnut Systems is that all installations can be done online. And what's even more exciting is that after sales service is available 24/7. Packages can be customized to meet your requirements. And I may have mentioned - super pricing available for a limited time only.


Gumnut range of software and services



Here's a few of Gumnut clients worldwide.
You'll probably notice a few heavy hitters using Gumnut products and services.



Fitness Gyms Package Available...



Thinking of a software program for your spa?

Or perhaps not happy with the one you already have?

If so please contact me.





And don't forget our special offer. It's limited time only...



Thank you and if you have any questions about our company, products or services please contact me.


Live Stronger If You Dare!


Joe Lewis

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Club Performance Systems (Malaysia & Philippines)

Health-One Thailand


Creator of

RESULTS The Ultimate Energy Lifestyle 8 Pillars of Dynamic Fitness, Nutrition & Health 

a paradigm shift on the thinking of fitness, nutrition & health








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